Today, with the “on demand” nature of digital marketing, not enough thought is given to building brands for the future. Truly, in an age where the short-term can be measured so easily, many marketers and technical writing services have become obsessed with views, likes, comments, clicks and instant transactions. The danger for any brand—and parenthetically, every advertising copywriter or digital marketing copywriter—is an over-reliance on short-term metrics, resulting in a weakening of brand building over the long term.


Fortunately, the best copywriters in advertising recognize that a brand is a combination of brand wealth and brand health. Brand wealth measures what you can readily see. However, brand health measures what you can’t easily see, going below the surface. Smart marketers know that investing in brand health leads to future wealth. Yet, the constant push for transactional sales risks depleting brands of their health. That’s also the reason why the best web content copywriters like myself always attempt to invest in a brand’s future. That includes video copywriting designed to resonate with core human values and needs, because emotions are what drives audiences to share content with others.

And while so many marketers today have let “media first” invade their thinking, many of the best copywriters in advertising subscribe to being “creative first.” Because if you depend on figuring out which old media or new media is right before you have a creative idea that makes that medium actually necessary, the best result you can expect is to be only as good as your competition—and not better. Fact is, all those media choices are available to everyone. However, if you start with a brilliant creative idea you are instantly setting yourself up to do better than the competition since the best ideas are unique, interruptive, and make any media idea work harder. Bottom line? The best copywriters in advertising don’t settle by getting excited about some new way to reach people, or any of the numerous new mobile and social media platforms. That’s not good enough. Which is why I think of creative ideas that engage and activate, and keep the media options available as part of the idea.

Stuart Dornfield

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