As the world of email marketing continues to grow in volume and engagement, it becomes more vital than ever to find email copywriting that outperforms.
My experience with coupon emails for Vitamin Shoppe with subject lines like “Are you really going to blow off this 30% coupon?!” have outperformed. From welcome emails to triggered emails, good email copywriting not only engages and converts, it can reinforce customer loyalty by providing timely and pertinent information, especially to subscribers.


Newsletter copywriting is another service I provide clients. In fact, I publish my own newsletter sent weekly to 500 people. While I use different subject lines depending on the lead article in the newsletter, there are always a number of shorter articles and news clips on many related marketing and advertising topics, so it is highly likely that a subscriber will find at least one of interest. That’s very important because it’s also likely that a subscriber will open a newsletter only once if there’s nothing of interest to read inside.

Like all the best email newsletters, the one that is written for people who share a common passion for a product or topic has the greatest chance of success. It’s important that these newsletters continuously deliver valuable content, because without that they become simply a digital form of junk mail.

As an experienced education copywriter for clients such as Broward College, Miami-Dade Public Schools, VSchoolZ and others, I have written websites, brochures, print ads, TV, radio, and digital ads to launch new curriculum, introduce new degrees, boost enrollment, and for Quickstudy, build B2B sales. So if you’re looking for an education copywriter, newsletter copywriter or email copywriting, I invite you to give me a call.

Stuart Dornfield

Phone: 305.496.7864