Multiple studies point to emotional marketing as more effective than other forms of marketing. Based on an analysis of 1,400 successful ad campaigns, the book Brand Immortality by Hamish Pringle and Peter Field reveals that advertising campaigns focused on emotional content performed approximately twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as those with only rational content.

I am a freelance content writer and freelance script writer that looks for consumer insights to inspire my writing and create content based upon compelling consumer insights—those little secrets hidden beneath the surface that explain the underlying behaviors, motivations, pain points and emotions of consumers. Insights that provide a connection point to show consumers that a brand is meant for them.


Instinctual thinkers like myself see the right answers before we even know the question. Our brains operate like a race car driver, slow in the corners and fast on the straight away. We can change brain speeds, think slowly when faced with a difficult strategy, and quickly when deadlines are approaching. My engine is turbo-charged with 40+ years of experience in virtually every industry and media channel.

So ask yourself this. Did your last television or radio spot drive “brand love” with your consumers? Perhaps you need a copywriter freelancer who can do just that? Is your freelance web copywriting increasing the memorability of your digital ads and content? Perhaps you need a freelance web copywriter who can?


Whether a client hires me as a part time copywriter for a single project, or needs freelance copywriter services to launch a new product in multiple channels, I work hard to speak in a “single voice” throughout every channel. The brand tells that story. It starts with knowing what your target audience needs, defining a core idea that speaks to that need, and writing ads and content that speaks to that core idea.

So whether you need an automotive copywriter to add new life to your retail advertising, or a healthcare or financial copywriter to tell your brand story in a fresh way, there are few freelance copywriting agencies that have created greater share of voice and mind for more b2c and b2b clients in more media channels. I invite you to spend a few minutes reviewing the clients listed on my freelance copywriter website to see for yourself.

Stuart Dornfield

Phone: 305.496.7864